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Winter Wedding Dress

If you’re planning a wedding ceremony in the winter months an array of winter wedding gowns could be available, at a high cost. Most wedding gowns are bustier, sleeveless as well as backless, but that is no selection for a bride who’d prefer to take photos outdoors in the winter months, remember you want to stay in budget so look for systems, coats,shaws, or mitts to focus on the gown or even help you stay warm practically. You may also prepare opaque tights, or nylons just in case of freezing weather.

Why Not,

I must be quick to insist on wedding celebrations, as these are times that are brief and full of emotion.These times of intense emotion of togetherness are  to brief and infrequent.Family members and friends gathered to celebrate your day, as the two of you say to each other that it was soapparent in this moment we were completely meant to be together.Celebrating these moments is incredibly important. Life is such a struggle on every level foreveryone, I say why not.Throw a celebration on any scale, and share your love with your family and friends life is too precious to hold back.

Birdcage or long veil?

While shooting numerous weddings lately I couldn't help but notice that some brides wore shorter veils or birdcage veils with a side comb style fascinator instead of long veils. Another trend that I noticed is that some of the brides prefer to be a 2 veil kind of bride by switching to a birdcage after the ceremony for photos and for the reception.

Creative Weekly

Creative Weekly is a unique community that unites, informs, and supports creative types, educators, and enthusiast everywhere. It is a weekly (every Tuesday from 6 to 9 pm) free event for all local creative types: Photographers, Models, Hair, MUA, fashion designers, etc. The main purpose of this event is to network with each other, learn, collaborate, help each other to create great shots and just hang out. Located downtown St.Louis, right on Washington Ave., it`s a great place to meet more creative types to collaborate with.

Forgot my Camera

I was walking to the post office on Market street Saturday when much to my surprise I found myself in the middle of a Parade. Tons of happy people cheering and much appreciation could be seen and heard up and down Market street for the St. Louis Veterans Day observance. It was nice to see so many upbeat folks in such tough times.

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