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Eric and Michelle

I just finished the post production on Eric and Michelle’s wedding/reception. What a fabulous couple, and what a beautiful reception location.

My goal was to tell the entire story of their wedding day through my photographs. The combination of beautiful, naturally-posed formals, and storytelling photojournalistic candids, combined with fun whimsical shots, captured everything that was special about this wedding.

What I have learned over the years

In order to make the outstanding types of pictures no one else can, you have to do outstanding types of things no one else will do.

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Get what you want

Let every detail of your wedding shout “you”. Make it your own, browse wedding photographs to see how others do it, and to see how their ideas meet yours.
Have your photographer look at pictures you like of yourself and tell him what you like.
Get what you want and the details too..... 

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Interesting wedding group

I thought this was interesting, a group wedding you don't see this every day.

A total of 154 Israeli and Russian couples tied the knot en masse in Larnaca in a civil ceremony yesterday, in an event that may enter the World Guinness Book of Records.

The island is a popular spot for Israelis to wed in civil ceremonies which are not permitted in Israel.

However, the numbers of couples were somewhat lower than the originally planned 170 which would definitely have secured the world record.

I would like to shoot that wedding 

iPhone apps to plan your wedding

If you are Tech savvy wedding planning on your iPhone could not be easier. Throw away all those list and paper, keep everything you need on your iPhone. Some wedding apps are free, some cost a few dollars, and some of them are even included with the iPhone, Yippee

Did you know that you can create a group of your top wedding venues with links to their location on a map? How about linking your favorite photographers contact info and websites.

Is A Wedding Planner For You?

Hiring a wedding planner might seem like a big deal, but it could be the smartest investment you make. Some charge a flat fee, as apposed to accepting commissions from the vendors. This ensures that your wedding planner is working directly for you and not the vendors. The best thing about charging this way is that you'll know from the beginning exactly what your wedding planner will cost.

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Letting your pets in the picture

Couples seem to be more and more sensitive to letting their pet companions in on the wedding, and what a great idea too. What do you think too much or too cool? They could be the ring bearer, or walk right with you down the aisle.

Regardless have a person designated to take charge of your pet for some parts of your wedding as well as taking them to the bathroom. Don't forget the treats the yummy treats will help you manage them with all the new sound and smells may confuse them.

Spring Showers Bring May Flowers

I just love Spring weddings, they bring on a new meaning to challenges for wedding photographers.

One thing spring weddings are not is boring. You just never know when it might rain.

I attached some flowers I shot recently to remind everyone how beautiful spring can be.

Enjoy and as always enjoy your surroundings and appreciate the splendor.

Convertible Trends

The convertible wedding dress is such a great idea.  It has really become very popular within the last couple years.  It is an extremely smart way to have two dresses for the price of one. With wedding dress prices today it just makes good sense to look at this option

I absolutely dig how the dresses below do not look like a convertible dress, they simply look like a matching shorter dress to the wedding gown… love that!

So if trash the dress is not one of your option you may find this blog useful and trendy.

Keeping up with Changes

I attended a seminar on lighting and flash,

The class demonstrating the speed of light, the world's two leading educators and innovators in the big world of small flash, David  Hobby and Joe  McNally teamed up for the FLASHBUS 2011 TOUR.

The message is to create interesting light that is appropriate to the subject and to do it in an intuitive way.

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