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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! What a familiar greeting offering hopeful anticipation and opportunity. It comes gift-wrapped and opening this special gift is a personal journey. It is my hope that your new year is filled with abundant blessings and realized dreams. I would consider it a privilege to help you capture those special moments that will be treasured for years to come. Don't forget to book early. Wishing everyone a prosperous and healthy 2013. dave hunsche photography

Christmas time

Christmastime. A time of family gatherings, exchanging of gifts, and a time of reflection. As I look back over this past year, I am thankful for those people who have allowed me to capture their special moments. I look forward to the weddings I have scheduled for next year. And for those who will be asked that most important question over the holidays, please consider dave hunsche photography for your engagement and wedding photography needs. Merry Christmas everyone!

Weddings from the other side

I was speaking with a friend of mine from Australia today wishing I could get a destination wedding there.Their country side weddings are so beautiful, and I like the different landscape.Their photography moves away from the conventional style of staged photography. They capture images with a documentary approach in mind, aiming not to alter a moment, but to capture it authentically and aesthetically.So I don’t think they are so different than our style. I like to do them both and with today’s technology I don’t see why you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Hermann Hill Wedding Chapel

I just shot one of the most perfect weddings and reception, at the coolest wedding chapel. I have included a link below…the website says it all. Hermann Hill Chapel is the everything-you-need-to-get-married place. The second I walked into the Chapel I was overwhelmed by how beautiful everything looked. I was met by Amanda the wedding coordinator. She was great to work with, and I could tell that wedding planning is her passion. Amanda was wonderful keeping everyone on task and doing this with professionalism.

Advice on Picking Your Photographer

OK…you have read my blogs before on this and I am a bit passionate about the topic. If a friend or relative offers their services to you to be your photographer, and unless they have wedding photography experience with an expensive camera with back up, you might be very disappointed. Also you won’t be destroying a friendship if the shots do not turn out as you had hoped. By contracting a professional, a person who does wedding photography as a career, you know you’ll get great images of your big day.

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