St Louis Wedding Photographer

The first things newly engaged brides do is go dress shopping, reserve a ceremony and reception location, and hire a wedding photographer. Chance is, this is the first time you have hired a wedding photographer, or any professional photographer.  

I have shot hundreds of weddings and I am experienced in shooting weddings, trust me I have seen it all.

Finding a photographer that knows the area and traffic patterns in St Louis will be valuable.

As a St Louis wedding photographer I know the market and the best places for photos. This is important as most weddings take place on Saturday and the usual places are flooded with other wedding groups that make you wait or get in your picture backgrounds. 

Finding those spots that are iconic and yet private are essential as the wedding group is on a timeline.

One mistake to avoid when hiring a wedding photographer is to listen to everyone else tells you. Meet with me and your instincts will be your best guide; after all it’s all about you.

If you are on a tight budget then budget for photography, invest the money in the photographer and not the album, the album can always come later.

Don’t be the bride that every time she looks at her pictures, she cries. The biggest mistake a bride can make is to undervalue her wedding photography.  Don’t use a non pro; trust me I hear this all the time how brides regret doing this.  You will never get to redo these images.

Folks who dabble in wedding photography on the side can’t justify the expense of professional gear, reliable backup and proper business insurance.  

If you have some special place you want to see yourself be sure to discuss this with me in advance to make sure it is realistic, and will fit into your timeline. A real St Louis wedding photographer will be your best asset on your special day.