April 2011

Spring Showers Bring May Flowers

I just love Spring weddings, they bring on a new meaning to challenges for wedding photographers.

One thing spring weddings are not is boring. You just never know when it might rain.

I attached some flowers I shot recently to remind everyone how beautiful spring can be.

Enjoy and as always enjoy your surroundings and appreciate the splendor.

Convertible Trends

The convertible wedding dress is such a great idea.  It has really become very popular within the last couple years.  It is an extremely smart way to have two dresses for the price of one. With wedding dress prices today it just makes good sense to look at this option

I absolutely dig how the dresses below do not look like a convertible dress, they simply look like a matching shorter dress to the wedding gown… love that!

So if trash the dress is not one of your option you may find this blog useful and trendy.

Keeping up with Changes

I attended a seminar on lighting and flash,

The class demonstrating the speed of light, the world's two leading educators and innovators in the big world of small flash, David  Hobby and Joe  McNally teamed up for the FLASHBUS 2011 TOUR.

The message is to create interesting light that is appropriate to the subject and to do it in an intuitive way.


I shoot commercial work of all kinds. Studio, and on location from food to fashion. I shoot in the St Louis area and throughout the meto area. Dave Hunsche wedding photographer at your service. 

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Be sure that you have a nice selection of non-alcoholic beverages at your reception. Many people today are drinking less alcohol anyway, and it will also save you money.

Choose 'fancy' drinks such as sparkling or mineral water, flavored carbonated waters, ice tea, real lemonade, sparkline punch, or hot
mulled cider.