January 2011

Friends are on budgets

When you're picking out bridesmaid dresses, remember that your friends are on budgets. Even if they're absolutely gorgeous, don't pick a gown that is going to make it difficult for them to purchase. They're most likely only going to wear it once, and they're not going to love you if you pick something that costs two hundred dollars or more, especially considering that they also have to pay for shoes, bridal shower, shower gift, wedding gift, lodging, transportation and more.

Don't forget to pick out a nice bridesmaid gift for your friends as well!

Bridal Couture

Bridal Couture was born on a realization that our bride’s needs are more than just buying a dress. The bridal portrait is one of those time-honored traditions that have regained popularity in recent years. If you're considering having a bridal portrait taken, we have great news. On February 5th and 6th from 9:00am to 5:00 pm, Bridal Couture is offering a free bridal or prom portrait by a professional photographer for anyone buying a bridal or prom dress.

Music ideas

Wedding ceremony music is about communicating in a language that everyone can understand. From the comforting tones of the wedding march to the salutations and hymns sung during ceremonies celebrating love, relationships and their commitment to a higher divinity, music serves multiple purposes. The wedding ceremony music is important to the theme of the wedding and the location. During your wedding planning, always check with the ceremony location about their rules for music.

Spring weddings

If you plan to have an outdoor wedding, you hope to have a nice day but what is your backup plan if the weather doesn't cooperate? Be sure to include "rain cards" with your invitations to notify your guests of an alternate location in case it does rain. Be prepared... Don't let those rain drops bring you tear drops.

One big party

If you and your groom are both uninterested in participating in bachelor and bachelorette parties, why not consider a combined “thank-you” event for your wedding attendants? Traditionally held for the bridesmaids as a Bridesmaid Luncheon, this event is a special time that focuses on the love, support and friendship provided by the bridal party during the preparations and organization of the wedding.

What is a Paige?

Paiges are also known as train bearers; they're little boys or girls who carry a bride's extremely long train as she walks down the aisle.You those cute little kids everyone is commenting on and add that special moment.

Wedding duties for the mother of the groom

It is often difficult to know what the duties and responsibilities of the mother of the groom entails. Her first duty upon hearing of the engagement is to contact the bride's family and introduce herself and her family. If they live too far to get together for the first meeting, a friendly letter will be fine. If there will be a meeting, either make reservations at a nice but cozy restaurant (not too upscale, you really don't know what the bride's family prefers) or a meal at your home.

Wedding rides

Love and Marriage......you know what they go together like, and if you're going to have an outdoor wedding, a horse and carriage is a unique and breathtaking way to get from the church to the reception, or the reception to your hotel. Try looking in the Yellow Pages under "Wedding Services" or "Carriages."

New Years resolutions

  1. Simply enjoy the moment.
  2. Kiss your fiancée everyday and tell them how much you love them.
  3. To not fight about chores.
  4. To get family involved with the planning.
  5. To remember to laugh!
  6. To have a good time all the time.
  7. Appreciate your better half each day.
  8. Be the best you can be to your spouse to be.
  9. Don't be a Bridezilla.
  10. Resolve to concentrate on your new marriage, not just on the wedding.

Do you have any to add?

Wedding Trends for 2011

Wedding trends have gone through a lot of changes over the years. Technology is now playing a big part and brides have options they never thought they had. Lighting has made a big footprint on the bridal stage and is transforming weddings and events like redecorating a room. Lighting is the fastest growing sector or trends in the wedding industries and get this; it’s all affordable. The visual impact that light can produce will change the feeling and tone of any room or hall.